Howdy and Welcome along.

Howdy and welcome along.
I thought it would be fair to tell you a bit about myself and what you can expect.
I could tell you that i am married with two beautiful girls (and one in the oven). I drive a truck for a living and i have a keen interest in the military and engineering. I could also mention that i am an Airsofter, a poet and that i have a newly found interest in the world of steampunk. I could tell you these things about myself but then i would have nothing to write about, besides, i am sure most of these details will come out in future postings.
'What can i offer you' I hear you ask..
Well, it's quite simple really; a view into my world, my life and my mind.
I will be posting pictures and stories of my journeys, through work and Airsoft, as well as any other activities that come along. I will be posting up some of my poetry and i will be giving you my view on anything that i have an opinion on, topping it all off with some humour thrown in.
I will also be introducing you to people of interest, who i will be meeting along the way.
So sit back, grab a cuppa and wait for the postings.